News of the Al-Thani Awards

01st April 2014
It’s been an extremely exciting few weeks for me having received notice from the organisers of the Al-Thani Awards that I was a major prize winner in their exhibition, accompanied by an invitation to attend the presentation at the Sheraton Hotel in Doha in Qatar on the 23rd January 2014.
I duly accepted their generous offer to attend, although this involved some complex travel arrangements as I was previously booked for photo trip to Yellowstone.
At the conclusion of the presentation it was announced that I was the overall winner with a prize of $30,000 plus a limited edition Leica M6 camera and lens.
To say I was in a state of shock and elation, is a major understatement!
Most of the proceedings thereafter are a bit of a blur, not helped by that fact that I had to leave about 11pm to catch a plane back to Glasgow in order to put me back on schedule for a very early flight the next morning to Yellowstone.
Now that I am back on home territory I would like to place on record my thanks to the organiser and sponsor’s of the Al-Thani Exhibition, and also to the Qatar Photographic Society for their generosity and hospitality.
It was much appreciated and provided me with one of the most memorable nights of my life.